About Our Classes & Activities for Kids!

Our integrated skills development programs revolve around 6 core disciplines: Balancing, Climbing, Floor Skills, Jumping, Swinging and Traversing.  Through our classes, kids not only develop stability and  locomotor skills, but also increase awareness, spatial distancing and problem solving abilities. Each week we focus on 2 core skills to build the motor movements thru trial and error of the obstacles.

Our 12 week programs is designed to increase cognitive functions as well as physical ability of our students. Sessions are 75 minutes and include 75 minutes guided instruction. Classes can be joined at any time during the term.

We work with students on aspects of problem solving, strength and agility to help develop analytical and motor skills. Students will build confidence in tackling obstacles, both inside and outside the training center.


Ground Skills

Ground Transistions







Integrated development program

3 focus areas:



physical performance

Physical Performance

cognitive development

Cognitive Development

to 4

Mommy / Dadddy and I

challenges icon

Simple Traversing and Low Wall Climbing
Ground and Balancing obstacles
Trainer – assisted

physical performace

Improvement of balance
Base movements
Eye-hand; eye-foot  coordination

cognitive development

Environmental awareness
Independent mobility

Open Gym

Ground obstacles


Lil Ones

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Traversing unassisted and climbing assisted
Small, low hanging and swinging obstacles
Trainer – supervised

physical performace

Balanced weight transfer
Eye-Hand-Foot coordination
Strength and mobility

cognitive development

Problem solving
Increased sense of environmental awareness

Open Gym

Ground and low obstacles



challenges icon

Traversing and climbing independently through obstacles on the wall
Obstacles that require swinging, jumping combination
Trainer – supervised

physical performace

Efficient movements
Strength, mobility, stamina
Enhanced muscle coordination

cognitive development

Enhanced problem solving and decision making
Spatial awareness

Open Gym

Low intermediate obstacles


Tough Stuff

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Traversing and climbing independently through obstacles
Complex obstacle groups
Trainer – supervised

physical performace

Body movement and positioning
Strength, endurance, agility

cognitive development

Complex problem solving
Challenged decision making
Heightened spatial awareness

Open Gym

Intermediate-advanced obstacles

About The Programs

Mommy / Daddy and I

This class is a fun way for your little ones start to experience the real world in a fun-safe environment.  This 60 minute class is designed to have the parent and child interact and explore different motorskills at an early age. Your child will learn Simple Traversing and Low Wall Climbing, Ground and Balancing obstacles,  while you, the parent, is assisting and bonding your child’s growing and learning experience.  Ages 18 months – 4 Years old

ninja preschool
ninja lil ones

Ninja Lil Ones

This class is designed for kids 4 to 6 years old to explore a fun way for your child to release energy. During this the class children will be exploring ninja skills and developing their balance and strength in a structured setting. Obstacles include traversing unassisted and climbing assisted, tumbling, low hanging and swinging obstacles. All is trainer supervised.

Mini Ninjas

This class is designed for kids ages 6 to 8 to explore fun ninja skills and develop strength and body awareness while releasing energy in a challenging and structured setting. Training includes traversing and climbing independently through obstacles on the wall. Obstacles that require swinging, jumping and balancing combination are under trainer supervision.

mini ninjas
ninja tough stuff

Ninja Tough Stuff

Ninja Youth is designed for kids ages 8-12 who want to learn how to “ninja” and develop their skills. Our focus will be on learning to conquer the obstacles that require core strength. Also kids will be learning how to “fall” & swing properly and improving their balance, body awareness, and grip strength, while having fun on the obstacles. Skills taught for this age group include traversing and climbing independently through obstacles and complex obstacle groups,
All while trainer supervised.

NINJA SIXTY - (60 minutes)



1.5 – 3

4 – 12


Guided experiential class with instructor (Parent participation)​

Guided experiential class with instructor​

Open Gym session (with Staff supervision)​


Birthday Parties

School Holiday Camps  

Private Functions

CLASS Rates (75 minute Sessions)

12 Week Term Classes @ $480.00

Classes include:

12 weekly Sessions of Instruction from our Integrated Skills

Development (IDP) staff (75 mins each session)

Price is Pro-Rated if joining Mid-term

One Time registration fee of $40.00 (Price includes a pair of shoes and ninja starter kit)

Single Class - Drop-In @ $45.00

Trial Class includes :

1 session of instruction from our Integrated Skills Development (IDP) staff (75 mins )

Free Shoe Rental


60 Minutes guided FUN PLAY session WITH INSTRUCTOR

For the family in a rush but want to get the Ninja Training! This 60-minute instructor led class session that touches lightly on all 6 disciplines that we cover during our term sessions.  Balancing, Climbing, Floor Skills, Jumping, Swinging and Traversing. This is a great class to find out your kids favorite obstacle challenges, and have kids invites their friends for a fun filled session that’s a bit shorter than our normal class.

Ages 4 - 12

Max ratio 4 students to 1 coach.
5 years old and above may be dropped off without adult supervision.

Special Deals!

4 passes @ $145.00
12 passes @ $410.00
Passes are Shareable
Free Shoe Rental

Birthday Parties!

Have a private venue for your child’s birthday!

2 hour Private session of up to 8 kids.
Contact us for pricing.