Your kids will learn cool Ninja techniques on swinging, jumping, climbing, traversing, balancing and floor skills! Each day we are doing different skills and obstacles.

Just like the ones seen on the American Ninja Warrior Program! We have a range of instructors with different backgrounds.


Instructors background include rock climbing, gymnastics, parkour, obstacle course racing and more!

Our camp program focuses around building confidence through fun and fitness. Kids will have the chance to test their limits in a safe environment, navigating obstacles alongside children their own age.

Our Ninja Classes combines the best elements from gymnastics, climbing, parkour, and more.

No matter what your child’s ability level, everyone has a blast at our Lil Ninja Camps! Our camps serve kids aged 4-12. We run small class sizes with safe management measures in mind!

Camps are offered during the summer and several school-related vacation weeks. Enroll in one of our camps today!

3 Hours

Daily Class Duration

1 - 6 Days or more

Camp Duration

$115 (1 day) / $220 (2 days)

$315 (3 days) / $410 (4 days)

$100 - day (5 days or more)

Pricing for the camp per child


How Holiday Ninja Camps Can Benefit Kids

Lil Ninja Academy is more than just a fun time for your kids. Our classes and ninja camps are designed to give an all-round development experience for your kid. Boosting your child's physical capabilities, including their strength, agility and flexibility will be a core outcome of the Lil Ninja experience.

Our camps are an extension of our classes, with more activities and games while still focusing on our core disciplines. We run multiactivity challenges to inspire your child. Each day we cover aspects from different skills associated with specific sports. Activities includes Obstacle Race Training, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Parkour tips and tricks, and more.


Boost Strength & Agility

A vital aspect of any child's development is their physical development. Our structured Ninja courses will help your kids to develop their strength and agility.


Build Confidence

We Help Your Kids Gain Confidence with our proven methodology. Our Classes uses obstacle courses, parkour, and gymnastics for maximum learning.


Improve Flexibility

Keeping your kid injury free is top on the list of any parent. Improving their flexibility is the most vital aspect of ensuring this.


Foster Friendships

At Lil Ninja academy kids learn to work together to achieve their common goals. It will help them learn teamwork and foster friendships with other children.


Building Leaders VIA A
Structured Programme

Our camps/clinics offer 3 hrs of fun each day in an exciting camp environment! Learn new ninja skills, play camp games and have lots of FUN! Our clinics will include instruction in all of our Ninja skills and obstacles like the Cargo Net, Rock Wall, Ropes, Rings, Hanging Ladder, monkey bars and many more.

We will also have some down time out of the gym so please pack a snack and a water bottle. We provide some refreshments as well!



We love getting feed back from the children themselves and from parents, who have come to know and love our trainings and courses. Check out some of our client testimonials.

My daughter has always been a big fan of the American Ninja Warrior show. We got her started at LilNinja Academy and she instantly fell in love with the program and has been very receptive to the awesome, experienced coaches. The environment, support, encouragement, equipment, and constant variety that Lil Ninja provides is incredible. The coaches are always approaching the training with safety in mind.The low Ninja:Coach ratios helps ensure this. A very fun and rewarding experience! Now she's trying to find ways to practice what she learned at home!

Angela Chang

Lil Ninja was such an amazing experience for our kids. We never knew our kids were so passionate about climbing and obstacle course skills. I love how they constantly kept changing up the course, to keep it interesting and challenging. It’s great to see our kids excited about this and not just playing games on their phones!

Maybel Heng

The first time we visited Lil Ninja, my son had a wonderful time climbing and jumping, traversing and balancing non stop for 90 minutes. With the guidance of the trainers on each lesson, he is able to do the obstacles well and always looks forward to his next session, even before his current one ends!

Jay Cieplik

The kids loved it. The opportunities for them to have fun and learn adequate skills is endless. Not to mention the awesome instructors who managed to control and entertain my two animals. I would highly recommend it!

Michael Blankson


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know about hosting your child's birthday party or event at our gym? Browse through this list of commonly asked questions or contact us if you want to know more.

  • What is a Ninja Camp?

    Our camps are a condensed version of our classes where they will learn a combination of climbing, parkour, gymnastics and obstacle course racing skills throughout the week.

  • What is the itinerary for the Ninja Camp?

    Our camp is a 3 hour session that runs during school holidays on weekday mornings. We typically start the day with warm ups, followed by skills and techniques training specific to climbing, parkour, gymnastics, and end off the day with obstacles course challenge that allows them to apply the skills that they learnt during the day. It will be a fun-filled and exciting morning for the kids!

  • What are the benefits of joining Ninja Warrior Camp?

    We work with kids to develop learning skills that will help them to excel in other areas of their life. New skills will be learnt, we challenge them with obstacles, and they will benefit from improved problem solving skills, hand-foot-eye coordination and will be loads of fun for them! Check our google reviews and see what parents say about us.

  • How early can I arrive for a kids camp?

    We recommend showing up 5 minutes before the camp start time.

  • What do I need to bring to the camp?

    Please bring a bottle of water and a pair of normal (non-grip socks) for the session. In-house shoes will be provided for the session.

    Water and socks can also be purchased over the counter.

    We provide nuts-free cookies and fruit drinks for the session. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please feel free to pack your own snacks for your child too!

  • Does Lil Ninja provide snacks?

    We provide nuts-free cookies and fruit drinks for the session. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please feel free to pack your own snacks for your child too!

  • Do you teach different skills on different days?

    Yes. Each day we focus on different skills and different specialties in sports recreation. We tend to focus the first days on fundamental movement skills (tumbling, rolling, jumping) and then approach more complex movements such as swinging, laches, kips, dive rolls, vaults throughout the week.

  • What should my child wear during the camp?

    Please make sure your child is dressed in something comfortable and stretchy so they can tumble and climb in.

  • What should I take note prior to coming for the camp?

    Please inform us if any of the attendees has any dietary restrictions / allergies. For first time visitors, a safety waiver form is required to be completed prior to joining our camp.

  • Where are you located?

    Our Orchard branch is located at Tanglin Mall level 3, at 163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #03-116, Singapore 247933

    Our Bukit Timah branch is located at 64A Jalan Jurong Kechil JK Building (Level 2) Singapore 598585 (located near Beauty World MRT station, around 5 mins walk from Exit C of the station).

  • Where can I park my car for quick dropoff?

    There is parking in front of the building (JK Building). Alternatively, there are other parking options at Suites@Bukit Timah, which is just beside JK Building. There are also a couple of open air carpark near Exit B of Beauty World MRT station.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    There will be no refunds for cancellation of bookings, but we are able to reschedule the date if you give us at least 72 hours advance notice.

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