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  • Why should I choose to Bring my Child to Lil Ninja Academy?

    For two main reasons, the Coaching and the proven skills development methodology.

    At Lil Ninja Academy, we are dedicated to helping create the highly sociable, highly resilient, well-rounded child, while having fun! Our culture is about learning from, and teaching, one another. Our goals are to help develop gross and fine motor skills, cognitive awareness, problem solving, child interaction, and social learning.

    Our Coaches undergo our own personal 3-4 week Coaching training program as assistants before they begin to teach classes independently. for each class type they teach. Every 3 months our Coaching team undergoes personalized class management, skill teaching, and spotting safety training under the supervision of our Senior coaches. We send our coaches to new and updated training programs, to ensure continual development. Our coaches have a wide variety of backgrounds including Singapore Mountaineering Federation Climbing Certifications, Sports Singapore Coaching Certifications and more.

  • What are the classes? Is it free play?

    Lil Ninja Academy is more than free play or single session drop-offs. We have term classes that build on your child’s ability. Each term we concentrate on building on the child’s potential developing different aspects of gross motor skills. Each class we take two key aspects (Swinging, Climbing, Jumping, Movement, Transitions, and Balancing) and focus on technique, strength, and stamina. Each class builds on the skills learned previously. We do check the student’s abilities and challenge them according to their level and growth.

  • What’s the duration of the class?

    For classes catering to kids 6 and below, the class duration is 60 minutes. For classes for above 6 years old, classes are 75 minutes long.

  • How do I know the progress of my child?

    For kids with class packages with us, we will issue a progress report to highlight the strengths and areas for improvement of your child on a quarterly basis.

  • How do I take a trial class for my child?

    Booking a trial class is easy. Just check our schedule and the right age group class for your child and you can book online or message us and we can help you book. We will assess your child’s skills and run the class based on your child’s performance and comfort level to certain obstacles and skills.

  • What do I need to do before coming to do a class with Lil Ninja?

    Before coming to train with us make sure to fill out our online waiver form for your child. If you have more than one child attending our classes, please indicate on the waiver.

    You can schedule your first class by booking online, or by Whatsapp, or give us a call to find an appropriate class time for you!

    Show up to 5 minutes before your first scheduled class to meet your coach, learn the rules, and get ready for fun! Please remember to bring water, and socks. We will provide shoes.

  • What should I wear to class?

    Make sure your child wear clothes that will feel comfortable moving around in. Do not want to wear any jewelry or clothing that may restrict your ability to move, or anything so loose it may get caught on a bar or edge of a wall.

    Outdoor shoes are not allowed. We will provide shoes. We have shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and have grippy bottoms. Please bring your own socks. If you forget your socks, we have socks for sale at $5.00 a pair

  • What age do I have to be to join? Are my kids too old/young?

    We have classes that begin at the age of 18 months of age. These are parent assisted programs, where the child and parent interact with each other to start developing early childhood coordination.

    Independent weekly classes begin at the age of 4 and progress till 12+ years old.

    We also offer freestyle, Obstacle course racing classes teens age 12 onward. These camp-style sessions are offered monthly or as demand as needed. Our classes and curriculums are designed with all ages and body types in mind. We start small and build progressively to maintain positive improvements and safety.

  • Is this program safe for my child?

    While there is no guarantee for no injury whatsoever, we purposefully designed our facility to make climbing, tumbling, parkour and freestyle more accessible to people of all ages and body types. The most important factor of our motorskills development program is to make sure your child is well prepared to avoid injury. We do this by teaching safe falls, such as shoulder rolls and push offs. By climbing, jumping, and landing correctly with proper style to arrest a fall to prevent injury.

  • Do you offer special events, birthday parties, or school holiday camps?

    Lil Ninja Academy offers all kinds of additional fun training and learning opportunities each month!

    Camps are offered on during all school holidays, local or international. Camps include classes, games, obstacle courses, ninja warrior, crafts, and much, much more.

    On special occasions we offer clinics for various training opportunities (Obstacle course racing, Climbing, Strength Training, etc. Subscribe to our emails for descriptions on all our available and upcoming events.

    Birthday parties are our thing! We offer parties and activities based on your child’s age and the group size. Be sure to check our FAQ under parties.

  • How do students learn and advance in the Lil Ninja Classes?

    Our coaches have worked very hard to put together a step by step, progressive curriculum that teaches motorskills development based on six core displiplines (Jumping, Climbing, Traversing, Mobile Transitions, balancing, and Swinging). Our curriculum progressively builds from the ground up. We issue progress cards every 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your package, to evaluate and show progression of your child’s motorskills development.

  • When are Classes? What is your schedule?

    We offer many different types of classes for your child’s age group at Lil Ninja Academy. Each class page has its schedule attached. Alternatively, you can see the full class schedule on the main page.

  • Do you offer makeup classes?

    Yes we do! In order to receive a makeup class, you need to let us know that the student will be absent at least one day prior to the class beginning. Then after receiving a makeup class, you have until your package duration, to make up the class. During that time, let us know what day, class, and time you would like to use the makeup class. Then the office staff will let you know what is available to schedule the makeup class. Makeups for additional classes can only be used while on an active package.

  • What do I do if I need to pause or cancel my classes?

    While we don’t normally allow for cancellation of class terms or packages, do contact us if you have extenuating circumstances and we can review case by case.

  • Is there a class that both of my siblings can join? The age gap is more than 2 years.

    Yes, we have the Ninja-Sixty class, which is a 60 minute version of our normal classes that are not restricted by the age. This is a great option for siblings and friends that can’t commit to weekly classes.

  • How long has Lil Ninja Academy been open?

    Lil Ninja started in the second half of 2020 with our first outlet in Upper Bukit Timah beauty world location. We opened our second location at Tanglin mall in August 2022. And we have plans to look for a third location in 2023.



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