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Ages 8 years to 12 years old

Elevating Physical Prowess & Body Awareness LilNinja

Ninja Youth is designed for kids ages 8-12 who want to learn how to “ninja” and develop their skills. Our focus will be on learning to conquer the obstacles that require core strength. Also kids will be learning how to “fall” & swing properly and improving their balance, body awareness, and grip strength, while having fun on the obstacles. Skills taught for this age group include traversing and climbing independently through obstacles and complex obstacle groups, All while trainer supervised.

Ages 8 years to 12 years old

Age Group

75 Minutes

Class Duration

Bukit Timah, Orchard


Monday to Saturday

Times & Dates


Skill Level



  • Traversing and climbing independently through obstacles
  • Complex obstacle groups
  • Coach-led

Physical Performance

  • Body movement and positioning
  • Strength, endurance, agility

Cognitive Development

  • Complex problem solving
  • Challenged decision making
  • Heightened spatial awareness

Social Skills

  • Teamwork skills
  • Fair play
  • Building confidence
  • Fostering friendships
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We love getting feed back from the children themselves and from parents, who have come to know and love our trainings and courses. Check out some of our client testimonials.

My daughter has always been a big fan of the American Ninja Warrior show. We got her started at LilNinja Academy and she instantly fell in love with the program and has been very receptive to the awesome, experienced coaches. The environment, support, encouragement, equipment, and constant variety that Lil Ninja provides is incredible. The coaches are always approaching the training with safety in mind.The low Ninja:Coach ratios helps ensure this. A very fun and rewarding experience! Now she's trying to find ways to practice what she learned at home!

Angela Chang

Lil Ninja was such an amazing experience for our kids. We never knew our kids were so passionate about climbing and obstacle course skills. I love how they constantly kept changing up the course, to keep it interesting and challenging. It’s great to see our kids excited about this and not just playing games on their phones!

Maybel Heng

The first time we visited Lil Ninja, my son had a wonderful time climbing and jumping, traversing and balancing non stop for 90 minutes. With the guidance of the trainers on each lesson, he is able to do the obstacles well and always looks forward to his next session, even before his current one ends!

Jay Cieplik

The kids loved it. The opportunities for them to have fun and learn adequate skills is endless. Not to mention the awesome instructors who managed to control and entertain my two animals. I would highly recommend it!

Michael Blankson

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We know our kids and parents love what Lil Ninja Academy has in store for them and we want others to share in all the fun. From discounted classes to other benefits. our referral programme rewards parents for referring their friends and family to us. Talk to one of our team and see how you can benefit from this programme.

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